Group One carried out the duplication of William Hovell Drive between Coulter Drive and Bindubi Street in 2003. Approximately 2km of existing single lane road was upgraded to dual lane carriageway, with all construction being carried out under traffic.

Group One were engaged by the South Eastern Livestock Exchange (SELX) to construct part of the new Livestock Exchange located off Yass Valley Way on Bellevale Road.  These works have recently been completed with the Livestock Exchange opening for trading in mid-August 2016.  The scope of work for Group One included earthworks, yard footings and heavy vehicle pavement construction internal to the Sales Yard block including the drainage / wetlands system.

Group One also complete the upgrade of the intersection of Yass Valley Way and Bellevale Road and the intersection of Bellevale Road and the Sales Yard entrance.  These intersections were completed to Yass Valley Council Specifications and have been now been handed over to Yass Valley Council by SELX.  Works on the intersections included construction of new drainage lines, pavement widenings and new line marking and signage