The third phase of the new Casey Estate was undertaken by GroupOne and included an additional 180 residential blocks and new multi-unit sites


Group One was contracted by CRD Casey to complete the Casey 3 Estate development. Consisting of 180 residential blocks and some multi-unit sites, the estate is divided between two areas directly west of the original Casey development, and just north of the new Clarrie Hermes Drive.

Included in the scope of works for Group One, was all site clearing & earthworks; hydraulics; power, gas & telecommunication reticulation; kerbs; footpaths; pavements and open space landscaping. As part of these works, Group One has also made or facilitated all necessary external connections to existing authority assets. The undulating nature of the site teamed with the preference to retain natural open space areas, meant over 1,000m2 of retaining wall has been constructed.

In addition to the running and cycling tracks, Group One constructed all access roads, fencing, potable water reticulation, sanitary drainage (including Biolytix wastewater treatment system) and open space landscaping. Over 15,000 shrubs & trees were planted across the site.