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A Canberra First

Coombs Stage 2 covers an area of 42 Ha in total, which required clearing of a pine plantation before earthworks commenced. The scope of work consisted of almost 2,000 square metres of stonewall reaching three and a half metres in height; 200,000 cubic metres of earthworks; Canberra’s first installation of the HydroCon pipe system; hydraulic reticulation; kerbs; footpaths; driveways; pavements; services reticulation and landscaping. Coombs Stage 2 has been a challenging project considering the short time frame and high level of environmental constraints being in close proximity to the Molonglo River.

The Hydrocon systems are part of the LDA’s Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) plan, which is designed to filter stormwater before being discharged into a rain garden. One of the challenges of Coombs 2 Estate is keeping the Hydrocon systems offline until the whole estate is 80% developed. The way we have achieved this is by construction of four large temporary sediment ponds totalling 10,500 cubic metres in size, which captures all the water run-off from the site and allows treatment before discharging into the river.

Group One was able to deliver this project in a time frame of just over 12 months. The timeliness of the delivery combined with the quality of the finished product is testament to the skill and dedication of the project team.