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Group One is embracing new technology to simplify and improve WHS monitoring activities. Supervisors have been supplied with iPads and can access custom developed applications from wherever they are.

Supervisors use the iPads on site to undertake inspections, monitor plant, SWMS, and to capture identified hazards in ‘real time’. Time and dates are automatically applied and photographs can be uploaded to all items on inspection check lists.

Supervisors have embraced the technology as it offers a simple paperless process that allows them to record the information on the spot and press send when completed.

Josh Causer, WHS Manager said the new technology has made the process easier, but also increased WHS monitoring activity on site.

“Before we introduced the iPads, generally about one documented inspection a month was carried out by the Systems Manager. Now we are generating around 16 a month on each active site. It has moved us from the tick and flick approach of most paper checklists, to a more meaningful and accurate record of WHS activities”.

Following the successful trial of the monitoring applications, Group One will continue to expand its use of technology to simplify and streamline activities. This includes the development of in-house applications for inductions and toolbox talks. More updates will be provided as these projects progress.