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In August 2013, Fair Work Australia ratified Group One’s first Enterprise Agreement (EA), following extensive consultation with staff. During this process a common theme also emerged in relation to the opportunities that would be available for staff progression and training within the company.

Group One saw this as a positive opportunity to begin to plan and build its future workforce. This involved the development of clearly defined performance based criteria for each of the pay scale categories outlined in the EA. This provides staff with a clear and common understanding of the requirements for progression within the company and is supported by regular performance planning discussions and reviews.

Group One also recognised that to be successful, this approach must also be supported by training and performance development opportunities for staff.  Based on individual discussions with staff and the requirements of the company, a training schedule has been developed and implementation has commenced. The training schedule combines a mix of in-house and external providers to deliver the training. The first training opportunity Introduction to Group One WHS and Environmental Management plans has been rolled out across the company to give everyone an understanding of Legislative and Company requirements. External training such as Read and Interpret Plans and Specifications and MR/HR licenses are also underway.

Group One management believes the pay scale categories and training schedule will help build and maintain a strong and capable workforce to take the company into the future.

“We have a lot of staff who have worked for Group One for 5 to 10 years and loyalty and commitment is one of our key strengths. Going forward we also need to identify the next generation of supervisors. Providing career pathways for our staff through training and onsite recognition of their performance builds our workforce capability and our reputation as an employer of choice. It will give us a solid platform for the future.”